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Fall 2022


And so it was told the Empires of Sahren should live in peace with each other, and protect the great continent from the outside world

But no land where humans reign could possibly see peace forever

In a world where peace has reigned among the empires for some twenty years, one king's madness threatens to bring it all to the ground. Professing knowledge of ancient texts that dictate the laws of their people, King Demetrius Whyt of Th'rushia creates the League of Thorns to spread his message of divine wisdom across the land. As his followers start to cause trouble in other countries, the dark truths of his proclamations and desires are revealed. Can the other leaders come together to stop his conquest before it's too late?

The first book in The Empires of Sahren series, Thicker Than Blood takes us on a journey that will find battle in the backyard and love in its ashes. 


At the top of the play, we meet Alex; a student whose friends are enthralled by their cell phones. When she finds that her locker is broken, the principal gives her the combination to an empty one: Locker 415. 

What she finds when she opens that locker is more than just a shelf for her binders- it is a portal to a whole other world.

Lead on by a mysterious figure called "The Guide," Alex embarks on an adventure, encountering mad scientists, futuristic astronauts, pirates, witches, and much more along the way. 

But where does this other universe really reside? Has the magic been just under her nose all along?

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In Zombies Vs. Superheroes, we find ourselves in a whole new world after a freak universal disaster. No one knows quite what happened when the light came, but when they woke up everything was different. 

Some people found they had new and extraordinary gifts. These became the superheroes. 

Some disappeared, some came through the same as they had been before. 

And some... woke up as zombies. 

These zombies are not quite like what you would imagine... they retain many their human personalities and qualities, and as the undead, they crave rotted fruits and vegetables (not the usual human flesh or brains).

Still, there is a growing stigma and wariness concerning the zombies. The superheroes- in attempting to protect the humans- continue to help banish them from more and more places in society. 

One zombie refuses to let that pass. She stands up for the zombies and attempts to forge an alliance with a superhero named Crystal (who has visions of the future). Together, they must convince the others that there is only one way forward: equality for all.


The year is 3129- humans have long since moved past just living on earth. There are new planets and stars in other galaxies that are inhabited and governed by people. In Intergalactic, we begin on the Planet of Rudelle (known as the first kingdom) in the Meshara Galaxy. 

Angelica Waters, and extremely bright and gifted young woman, is chosen by her queen to lead a mission against a group of rebels called The Rogues, who had recently- or so she is told- launched a devastating attack on Sector 7 of her planet.

As they start out on their journey, Angelica and her crew begin to see that something isn't quite right. Are these Rogues really what their government claims they are? Or are they hiding behind them to cover a grim reality in Meshara? Can Angelica and her team find out before it's too late? 


Every day, more and more waste collects in our oceans. There are patches of garbage so enormous in size they look to be their own island...

In Patch Island, we imagine a future where the inhabitants of the sea have evolved and adapted into creatures that can survive on these intrusive heaps. They go unnoticed for years, until one day, a ship full of humans gets wrecked upon their shore...

For decades after, the humans and the native "keepers" of the island live tensely side by side as Patch continues to grow. But one day, newcomers arrive to tell them that these piles of garbage afloat on the ocean are all that's left in the world. How will the keepers and humans of Patch handle this news? Is it really the end of the world as we know it?

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other works


The Memory Of is a full-length, two-act play, originally produced as a workshop in Wilton, CT in 2016.  

The play follows the story of Renee, a young artist struggling to overcome the grief of losing a loved one. The family of friends she has built in New York, along with the sister who raised her, continue to try to navigate how to help her as she spirals. 


Throughout the play, we shift between memories of the past and present day, as thought and reality fight for dominance in Renee's life. Which is which? And will she realize the truth before it's too late?