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After twenty years of peace, the five empires of Sahren are faced with a sudden and unprecedented shudder of unrest. And it's coming from within.


When one of the rulers discovers an ancient text buried in the Untamed Valleys, he decides to use it to bring the world to its knees. Some rally behind his notions of a pure continent, while others fear for their homes and their lives. Cordelia, Princess of Garamande, finds that her chief concerns have veered from which lady she flirts with at court to whether she has the spine and the wits to balance the sides of her that are future dignitary and soldier.


The royals and their families must decide what is more important: keeping the peace they so desperately long for, or taking up and fighting for the hearts of their homelands. All while navigating their own personal stories of love, loss, and betrayal.


"Thicker than Blood is truly a breath of fresh air for the fantasy genre. Schulte's cast of characters is vibrant and diverse, creating the bedrock for a beautifully written look at complex internal and external relationships. There are characters you'll love to hate, and there are characters you'll root for and want to smack upside the head almost in the same breath, which to me is a mark of their multidimensionality. The larger world is also fascinating, with rich cultures and social/political mechanisms that add layers to the twists and turns that the plot takes. I don't often read books incredibly quickly, but I flew right through this one. Next installment, please?!"

"I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this book, and I can say that it pulled me in very quickly, the visuals within the writing are exemplary. I was able to actually see the story play out as if I were watching it on a screen. This is usually one of the indicators I look for when I know I'm reading a good book.

You will definitely be hooked in and invested in her characters and I know I can't wait to read more! I love the fact that this storyline is so strong and detailed that is able to hold the attention of the reader, even with so many different subplots along with the different characters. This is something that I truly enjoyed. I have had some difficulty getting into other fictional stories in the past where it felt like there was almost too much information at once, however, Miss Schulte is able to flawlessly weave in all of the necessary information plus so many extra details filling in so much of this world that she has created.

As you continue to read through the chapters, the storyline fills out so effortlessly and organically it's as if the author is simply writing a record of what they saw happening. This book is truly that good, and I've not read anything fantasy in a good many years that captivated me as much as this book has! I also truly want to acknowledge and CHERISH that this book shows multiple healthy, strong LGBTQIA+ relationships, something that you really don't see in many mainstream media/movies/books etc. It's refreshing for me to be able to read about these relationships (like my own) in a way that doesn't describe them as a "token" or a "novelty" but more as gritty, loving, messy, caring, and strong, what REAL relationships are at the heart.

Check out this book! If you are like me, you will FLY through it and become enchanted with the author's world and want so much more!"

other works


The Memory Of is a full-length, two-act play, originally produced as a workshop in Wilton, CT in 2016.  

The play follows the story of Renee, a young artist struggling to overcome the grief of losing a loved one. The family of friends she has built in New York, along with the sister who raised her, continue to try to navigate how to help her as she spirals. 


Throughout the play, we shift between memories of the past and present day, as thought and reality fight for dominance in Renee's life. Which is which? And will she realize the truth before it's too late?

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